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Are you ready for the ultimate garage makeover?  With your custom choice of basecoat and flake, we can help you achieve the ultimate new look for your garage floor.  Not only does an epoxy floor look great, it is extremely durable and easy to clean.  We are one of the only companies in the valley which offers a full polyaspartic UV protected coating for the best protection against the elements, fluids, impact, and more.  We add this finish to enhance the visual appeal of your floor and ensure it serves you well for many years to come.  All of our projects are backed with an industry-leading lifetime warranty so you can have peace of mind.  Take a look below to see how our process works!

The process

At Two Brothers Epoxy Flooring, we've designed our process to be streamlined and stress-free for every client. When installing your new garage floor coating, we follow a simple 4 step process:

Preparation and Repairs

Arguably the most important step of the entire process is the preparation of the surface prior to coating. In this step, we will grind down your garage floor to be perfectly smooth as well as test the concrete's hardness to determine which base coat must be used. We will also repair any pitting, cracks, or other types of damage.

Applying the base coat

Now we begin to lay the foundation for the rest of the project. We will mix and spread the base coat of your choice evenly around the entire garage floor. By using a special type of squeegee, we can accurately dictate the thickness of the base coat itself, in preparation for the application of the flake.

Broadcasting the flake

At step 3, it's time to broadcast our flake, which will give your new floor the unique look you've always wanted. We thoroughly distribute the flake until it has reached 100% coverage and any new flake applied will not stick to the surface of the base coat. After allowing the base coat to dry, we then scrape off the excess flake.

The Final top coat

In the final step, we carefully vacuum the floor to make sure there is no remaining loose flake in order to move on to the top coat. The top coat is the extremely durable, gloss finish epoxy that seals in the flake. Our top coat takes about 1 day to dry before you can begin to move items back into the garage and 2-3 days before you can park your car inside again.

Flake Color options

Flake is a type of material that is made from a blend of various colored vinyl chips, which are then broadcasted onto a freshly applied layer of epoxy or polyaspartic coating. The flakes create a beautiful, multi-dimensional appearance that can transform a dull, gray garage floor into a stunning, high-performance surface. Flake is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adds texture and slip-resistance to the floor, making it a safer option.








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Go with the Pros

By choosing Two Brothers Epoxy Flooring, you'll be guaranteed peace of mind knowing your project will not only be done right with quality materials, but also be backed by our lifetime warranty.  We strive to make our process as simple as possible for our clients and to always be there to answer any questions or address any concerns.

We utilize the most technologically advanced products in the industry to ensure your garage floor is built to last.

Rest easy with a lifetime warranty covering defects and potential decay.

Our polyaspartic coating is UV resistant, durable, and beautiful.

Your new floor will be non-porous, meaning it will never stain, absorb fluids, and be extremely easy to clean.

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